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Consultant Biilable Hours

By fhvasco ·
Good Day Everyone,

I started working as a IT consultant for a local firm at the beginning of the year. My firm handles IT for small to medium size business ranging from 1 to 75 computers. I love the job with one caveat. I feel like I am being worked to death.

Since this is my first IT consultant job and have been a network administrator on and off for about 10 years. I know my stuff. With that said. I am looking for perspective from fellow IT Consultants working for IT firms.

My question is: What is the average amount of billable hours one works? I work on average 35-45 billable hours a week. Resulting in about a 90% of my time each week billable. This leaves me very little time to plan, research, and do other administrative duties. Is this typically? I pride myself in hard work but I seriously feel I am shouldering the workload for my firm. I constantly am the top producer for my firm each month. Not because I want to but myself I have over 15 contract and hourly clients all asking for numerous IT requests, maintenance and support. Most of the time there is to much work and not enough me.

Am I whining or is this just insane?

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Billing time

by Tig2 In reply to Consultant Biilable Hours

It sounds to me like your problem may be one of time
management more than anything else.

Administrative tasks should be billed too. The same thing
goes for planning and research. If a client has made a
request, you should be billing everything that you do for
that request. That will help to make a start.

When you get in work orders, do a time estimate on them.
Begin each day knowing how many hours you are putting
in and allow for travel when your day is split by several
clients. Work with whoever assigns your work to insure
that you are getting the right number of hours- whatever
that number is for you.

Your firm and your clients don't mean to burn you out but
unless you set healthy limits all around, that is exactly
what will happen. Help them to understand when you
need to back off a bit.

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