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Consultant starting to get clients

By wdfore ·
General question on IT consulting.
I have opened my own business. I will provide IT services to small (10-50) businesses. I have established a few target industries. My question is, what is the best way to approach them? I've started to mail them brochures telling them about the company. Would it be better to follow up with a phone call, or go to their place of business? Any other thoughts on marketing a small IT consultant business? What works best to get somebody on my hook??
PS - I've told my network of friends and associates.
PSS - Another good tip is to take that target industry and find out their problems.


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Always kick the door in

by Oz_Media In reply to Consultant starting to ge ...

er, well knowck them anyway.

Before blindly sending out brochures, HUGE mistake, call and introduce yourself (yes like a telemarketer) and do some probing. Who's in charge of the network, what KIND of network they have, and finally how you can help, then offer to send the information to thye CORRECT person.

NOW yo9u have an oppotunity to follow up and you are qualified to call back, as they have REQUESTED info, you now can say you are calling (CONTACT) to follow up on information that was requested, gatekeeper gone, now you are dealing with the correct person, subsequent foolow up calls are also justified, whether 4, 6 or 12 months.

I received an average of 30 BS advertising faxes per week, none get read, garbage.

I also receive and average of 15 NEW artists sending me demo CD's, anyone who knows the music industry knows it is ilegal to play or approach bands that are unsolicited. SENDING OUT DEMOS DOES NOT AND CAN NOT WORK. It's ilegal for the label or radio station to play it.

When I taught a job club, many people were sending out resumes, also unsolicited and got nowhere PAPER just doesn't sell, including the frustrated job seekers that have sent out dozens of resumes and have no idea who has received it, read it or thrown it away, it is unqualified and unprofessional marketing.

SO, get your nose in a phone book, CAL your target market, whether business or residential and introduce yourself, qualify the client and show how your servcies will be needed, if not today, you can then send information (AS REQUESTED) to the proper person and then build a rappor that can be followed up on.

It is quite easy once you get confortable but expect some growing pains and rescripting (your phone pitch) to begin with in order to get past the first efw gatekeepers. eventually it becomes and easy 30 second pitch and your either in or not, NEXT.

P.S. Don't start out with KEY prospects wiat until you have your pitch streamlined by calling "so-so" prospects first.

Best of luck and I wouldn't even bother sending info or brochures unsolicited, i have a desk full of crap that is still in the plastic bags hey shipped their info to me in. After the pile gets too high it get's trashed and only a few are read, i just don't have the patience for unsolicited (or what I consider LAZY or IMPERSONAL) marketing efforts.

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