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NEC Versa LXi LCD problem. System complete with Versa Dock functions properly when Docked.

Main System Battery needs replacing as does CMOS and Bridge Battery.

Undocked and running off the battery charger the system LCD will turn off shortly after booting, within 30 seconds.

If the system is first booted while docked the external monitor functions properly as does all other functions.

By turning off the system, undocking and connecting to power with battery charger then booting the LCD functions properly. The system can be shut down and if restarted within a 15 to 20 minute period it functions properly.

If the system is left plugged connected to power with battery charger, or unconnected for more than one hour, undocked or docked, the LCD with turn of within 30 seconds of booting.

If an external monitor were connected the LCD would still turn off but the external monitor functions properly.

These effects are fully repeatable.

The system maintains proper clock time even if undocked and not connected with battery charger.

Why is the LCD not staying lit when undocked for an hour or more.

This is a 1998 unit and the problem first occured in late 2007.

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The System Battery needs replacing mainly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Consultant

If the unit is keeping time the BIOS Battery doesn't need replacing as that is working but if it hasn't been replaced for 2 to 3 years I would replace it regardless of what voltage it is putting out.

Older NB's used the Battery as a Reference to see what was happening to the NB so if the Main Battery is Flat and not supplying any voltage the unit will enter the Power Saving Mode and turn off all unnecessary power draining devices hence the Internal Monitor stops working while any External Monitor continues to work as Power isn't being supplied from the Main System to power it.

As for not starting properly after an hour of being disconnected whatever the battery is charging to has drained by this time and the Battery is Flat so it enters Power Saving Mode and saves what it can.

Solution is to replace the Main Battery with either a New One or a Repacked one now and get it charged up.


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