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Consultants, how do you justify your services to clients?

By AnsuGisalas ·
I was having a discussion elsewhere, on the state of the translation business, and how clients don't seem to understand that making a good translation is a complicated process that requires specially trained professionals, and that these need access to the information they need, too.

And not some random bilingual off the internet, who doesn't take time to understand what is being translated, and who doesn't care about the quality of the product (which can hardly be expected either - at five cents per word).

Then it hit me - that's probably a situation that affects IT consultants too (depending, perhaps, on specialties).
Do you see clients comparing your services (and pricetag, especially) to the ones of hacks who don't have the experience or capability to do a good job, nor to even know what a good job looks like?

Do you have to justify yourselves to people who think they can cite a glut of the mediocre (or worse) as "supply" that should affect your prices?

This of course may apply to non-consultants too, depending on role, feel free to chime in.

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