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    Consultants seeking smaller firms?


    by cweinsch1 ·

    I?m Carl Weinschenk, a reporter for TechRepublic. For many years, the IT consultants would be anxious to get jobs with the big firms, such as EDS. Is that changing due to the layoffs these firms are experiencing? Just what is the job outlook in the consultancy space? I?d like to do a story on this, and would appreciate any input. Thanks.

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      Re: Consultants seeking smaller firms?

      by jpircio ·

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      I believe that most consultants are just looking for ANY JOB, size not being a consideration. This is directly related to the saturated job market, at least here in southern California. It seems the hiring trend of companies is rapidly moving towards temporary contract staffing instead of hiring direct. Most of these agencies, do not offer benefit packages or longevity. The rare instance that a benefits package is offered, the monthly premiums cannot be financially justified. Most of the recruiters within these temp agencies lead job hunters to believe that there is a great chance of getting hired directly knowing full well that isn?t the case. Many feel as I do: Job market it?s a roll of the dice?.. loaded, 3 sided dice?..
      Take what you can get and keep looking!!

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      Reply To: Consultants seeking smaller firms?

      by araf ·

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      Obviously, the market for consultants has been hit hard along with the rest of the market. I have had no success targetting large companies, but have had more luck with the smaller ones. However, the jobs are shorter term.

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