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By Shanghai Sam ·
I'm now working as a Software Engineer in a mult-national corp. with main business in logistics & transportation. Mainly I developed JAVA apps. that automate our core business. Before that I worked for a startup for 1.5 yrs and did web programming.
I have a strong aspiration in joining the technology consulting field. However, it seems I get lost. I don't know how I can achieve it.

What I'm thinking is, I stay in my company for 2 years, learn as many skills as I can. Then I hope I can join a tech-consulting firm and begin my consulting career.

My questions are:
1. Is my decision good? Or should i quit earlier or stay even longer?
2. What kind of skills should I best prepare for my consulting career?
3. I'm a JAVA certified programmer. Would some advanced JAVA cert. like JAVA certified developer help my consulting career?

After working for 2 yrs, I'm serious about my career. Would any expert give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

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Consulting Career

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Consulting Career

Stay where you are, pick up additional skills. Network, network, and when you're done, network some more. Pull down side gigs and work them in your spare time to build a client base. If you can, develop applications you can sell on the side. Get your feet wet before you dive in.

During your search for gigs, you will get a feel for what customers want. If you choose exactly the skills you need right now, chances are something else will be hot in two years.

Before you jump, make sure that you have at least a few months solid work lined up. At the higher consulting rate, you should be making enough money to carry you through to the next job.

It's a HUGE step, especially when you are leaving a steady paycheck, but I haven't regrettedit.


Do not get smug or otherwise take a flamethrower to the bridges back to your current employer. Previous employers have sent work my way and have offered to take me back if things didn't work out. DO NOT LIMIT YOUR OPTIONS!!

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Consulting Career

by surinderx In reply to Consulting Career


I am a software Developer/ Dba in an ISO 9002 company in India and getting good pay scale too.

When I were started my career then I were having just knowledge about DOS and Foxpro.
What I feel from your ques. that you required employement rather then place or name in the market. This is bad. Grain your skills yaar. One thing must remember if you are unable to find any preferable job then you should go to the line of Teaching. Set your skills for others, you will be popular enough and consulting will be welcomed by you very soon.



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Consulting Career

by blichty In reply to Consulting Career

I work for a consulting firm and got there in a similar way that you are describing your aspirations. I am not an independant consultant as described in the previous two replies, rather, I work for a firm where I have a steady paycheck and benefits(that I don't pay a dime for). However, independant consultants make more money per hour, they may go through tough times of no work, which means no pay. In my case, I don't make as much per hour, but I am in the top 20% of wage earners in the US - AND I have a steady paycheck with benefits.

I started as an Oracle programmer for three years right out of school and then made the move into the consulting firm world. Most consulting firms desire employees to have a few years of real-world experience. I imagine the same would be good for an independant since they have to wear many hats (marketing & sales to get work, technical to construct the solution, and business analyst/project manager to discover and design the solutions. Not every job will need all of these skills, but you will need to be good at all of them to make it in the consulting world (in my opinion).

Good Luck!

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