consuming ADSL Bandwidth monthly Credit

By alashhar ·
hi there

yesterday we surprised at the company that our ADSL is not working, so we called the internet provider and they informed us the our Credit was finished(7GB Per Month) is finished. there for i create a report with our ISA server and the report informed us that we consume just 1.5GB. some people said to me that maybe a virus on the network did that.

we have linkysys ADSL router connected to ISA server by subnet and our network subnet is

really i am confuse , i can find answer to my problem at the company

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Well here it all depends on what it is you are measuring

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to consuming ADSL Bandwidth ...

At the Server. If it is only Uploads that is only part of the total Internet Usage you need to also look at what has come in. Just the same if you are only looking at what is coming in you need to consider what is going out or being Uploaded.

The easiest way to do this is look on your ISP's Web Site for your Daily Usage.

You can use Wireshark to monitor all Traffic on the Network as well.


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ISA reported the problem

by alashhar In reply to Well here it all depends ...

you were right, the problem was in uploading. the office manager had installed Bittorrent and emaule which case the big traffic in uploading.

ISA reported the web and non web traffic, but i was concentrate to web traffic only.

i recommended to any Sys admin, don't allow any one in your company even managers administration privilege on his PC or the network.

many thanks

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ISA reported the problem

Good luck implementing the No Admin Privileges with the Managers though.


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