Consuming Java Web Service in Vb.Net

By que1nxa ·
I have read your many articles covering this topic, and bvasically have learned quite a bit, however I have not been able to overcome an error I am getting. The web service is residing on a Unix server on our intranet. I have had no issues with getting the Proxy Class created by making the Web Reference to the wsdl file using a particular port specified in the url. however I am led to believe that I am not making a connection to it, as I am getting NotSupported Exception error on the EndInvoke operation. I have practiced with some other public Web Services, and seem only able to make these work only is a ASP environment.
When I try the intranet Web Service in ASP i get the Invalid URI error.
My goal is to consume a Web Service on a Smart Device, hence why I am working in the VB.Net plattform.
Any guidance would be more than greatly appreciated.

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Please Clarify

by robo_dev In reply to Consuming Java Web Servic ...

You're writing a app....what web server?

What other public web services have you practiced with? What web servers are those?

The invalid URI typically means your aliases are wrong or missing....what client?

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Additional info

by que1nxa In reply to Please Clarify

I am writing a Smart Device application to consume a Java Web Service located on a Linux server, within VB.Net VS2008.

The Proxy Class seems to be properly created.
I did need to specify the port within the URL to get the WSDL to be referened.

To simplify everything I am using the Synchronous operation of the web service, and I am getting "NotSupportedException" error on the Me.Invoke in the Proxy Class.

I have tried the Luhnchecker from Cdyne, and others from xmethods.

The URI issue has been taken care of.

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