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Consuting VS Full-Time IT

By hgomez03 ·
Hello Everyone,

First of all thanks for reading my post. I currently work for a small consulting company. We do software integration services in the document management industry. Technology wise this involces customizing Document Mangement Software, Setting up Servers, Storage, Programming and software integration through business analysis. Anyways, the owner of the company is very powerful and micromanages. About 6 weeks ago, I was yelled at in a very disrespectful manner for a situation that was a mistake caused by someone else. He thought it was me. Although it is clear now to him that I wasnt the cause, he has not apologized. He does this on a regular basis to me and other employees. Then he pretends it doesnt happen. The night he yelled at me I went on Monster.Com and sent my resume all over the place. I have now been offered a position doing IT at a larger company. Instead of dealing with clients I would be part of the IT support department working with a team to manage 300+ servers and 4000 desktops. I have never worked I.T. in a department before. Anyways, I need to make a decision as to what to do. The job is for about 5k less than what I make now, but they are giving me 5 weeks vacation vs the 10days I curently get, in addition 401k plan and hands on network and server environment training. So what do you think, should I stay at the small consulting firm and just deal with the owner when ever he decides to be rude and nasty, or should I work for an IT Department for a 4000+ people company? YOur advice would be welcomed.


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tough question, complex ans!!!!!!!!!!

by raghu In reply to Consuting VS Full-Time IT

Well ! working with your current company is a not a technical but
more of a psycological problem.

I think that you can use a change and should join the new
company. Once after working their for some time you will
definetely get a better job profile and would be better stance for
future prospects.

There is no need for any one to take any non-sense from his/
her boss or in that case from any one.

Self respect and self esteem always pays in the longer term.....

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Made a very similar decision once

by JamesRL In reply to Consuting VS Full-Time IT

I was working with a couple of other consultants in a small company of 3. Had some issues with the principle - he paid the rent, paid us salaries and some commission.

I had an offer to be a desktop technician at a huge technology company. It would pay less, but I would have training, benefits, pension, stock plans etc.

The big plus is that in a large organization you can move around within the company. I left there 7 years later as an experienced project leader.

It was the best thing I could have done.

And you may find that your 401K benefits and other benefits add up to more than the gap in salary.


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Big versus small

by DC_GUY In reply to Consuting VS Full-Time IT

You're getting lots of good advice here. But in the final analysis it comes down to how you feel about the two choices. Working for a big company is way, way different from a small one. Have you considered that? Have you ever worked for a large firm?

It's important to recognize the fact that you won't be walking away from your problems. You will just be trading one set of problems for another set. You have an idea of the good points of big companies, but how about the bad ones?

Big companies have their share of abusive managers. You might also find yourself saddled with co-workers, end-users, or subordinates that you wouldn't have hired in a million years.

Big companies move slowly. If you discover a problem it might take a year before they implement a solution, and it might not be the perfect solution you recommended. Or they might just not bother fixing it.

Big companies often are poor at time management. You may have long periods when you're overworked, interspersed with long periods when you don't have enough to do. They will expect you to adjust your personal life to suit their needs.

Big companies often have short-sighted leaders who don't look beyond the next quarter's financial statement. You can watch a big company dig its own grave and be powerless to stop it.

Obviously they're not all like this. I work for a company that is positively delightful -- well run, securely profitable, long-term focus, treats us like humans. Even so it has its bad days.

Large companies and small companies have different "personalities." The people who work for them have to have personalities that are compatible with that of the company.

This is what you should be thinking about.

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by hgomez03 In reply to Big versus small

Thanks, You reminded me when I used to work at Compuware and they put me to work at the Limited Corporation. It wa a big company and I loved it. I used to get away from the programmers to the lunch room and see so many people and talk to so many people. I currently eat and see the same 10 guys every single day. In addition, the company lost a lot of money last quarter and things are tense. I think personality wise, I just dont fit at small company. They like me because clients like me. Internally however, no one really socializes at all..except for lunch.

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Well I've read and reread you question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Consuting VS Full-Time IT

I've come to the conclusion that you have three options and not the two that you think you have.

! st you could stay where you are and do nothing.

2 nd You could stay where you are and next time you are yelled at for no valid reason tell the boss to "**** Off" or something stronger {you work there so you would know what to say} by just taking it you are allowing it to continue unabated.

3 rd Take the other job you have been offered but remember that there are several disadvantages involved in some "Big Companies" like office politics or just plain nasty co-workers or supervisors. There are also others who will take the cudious for any thing that you may produce as well or like all big companies there is always the possibility of a forced transfer to somewhere you would never consider moving to and there is no job security as it is these type of companies who are only too willing to outsource work to some off shore country to save a few dollars after all they are run by accountants so what looks good on paper {meaning cost savings} generally gets put into practice.

Now the advantages with the Big end of town you can remain relatively anonymous inside the crowd, they have better perks less need to bring in something on time and fewer "Rush Jobs."

There are pro's and cons on both sides of the fence but the main thing is what you personally feel comfortable with, if you like the place where you currently are and enjoy the work you'll probably not like the big company but if it is the other way around and you see your present job only as an income then the big company will in all likelihood work better for you. Remember that what they have offered you is only a "Starting Salary" and it should increase when you display either aptitude or a willingness to work. Similarly if you are only interested in a pay packet at the end of the week the big company is a great place to goof off and do as little as possible.

Really it is your decision to make but you had better do it fast what ever you decide to do as that offer will not wait forever.


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