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By sstrickland ·
I have a user with incorrect information on her contact card in communicator 2007. All information is correct in AD, both on the OCS server & domain controller. The info is correct in outlook & if you open her contact info there...I have searched the net but come up with nothing, is there a way to manually correct this info?

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MS help

by shasca In reply to Contact card info, Office ...

This is where MS says the contact info is populated when a contact search is done. I can't imagine it being DB corruption.

"In the Office Communicator main window, in the Search box, type the display name or e-mail address for a person. By default, Communicator lists all matching users from the Active Directory Domain Service and the Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client Contact List."

What do you see when you do this?

View a person's Contact Card

In the Office Communicator main window, in the Contact List, click the Presence button to the left of the contact name.

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by sstrickland In reply to MS help

You see the correct info... the user is an HR suborinate, the card header when you highlight it says Director of HR, and thats the only place it says that. Both AD's, Outlook contact info, the body in the contact card in communicator all say HR's mind boggling. I deleted her from AD on the ocs server, re added...same thing. Deleted her form my contact list & shut everything down Then re added her...same thing.

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by shasca In reply to Update

Is this a recent change?
Something that needs to wait for replication/synchronization throughout an entire system?
Is there a duplicate contact entry that someone started to create?
Was this person previously a Director?

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Re: Contact card info, Office Communicator 2007

Go here:

And download this:
Quick Reference Card for Contact Management, Presence, and Instant ...

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please give a thumbs up. Thanks

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