Contacts in Outlook 2003

By carlos.oliveira ·
Can anyone help me with this problem? Due to a hard drive failure I recently reinstalled Microsoft Office, and successfully managed to retrieve Calendar, Mails, and Contacts from .PST backup files I had, including the sub-folders on the contacts.

My problem is that on the preview pane when I right click an address and select "Look Up Contact" only those on the main folder show up, and not those on the sub-folders.

I also have the Plaxo toolbar installed, which shows that a contact in on my address book, even when "Look Up" fails (contact is in a sub-folder). "Find" on Outlook finds the contact successfully. Does anyone now how to set "Look Up" to search sub-folders?

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Look at the properties of the sub-folder

by bbradford In reply to Contacts in Outlook 2003

On the Outlook Address Tab, check the box to "Show this folder as an e-mail address book" and define the name of the address book.

This should allow you to look up the contacts using their email address.

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Problem persists

by carlos.oliveira In reply to Look at the properties of ...

I had tried that already.

That box is ticked.

As I have said, the contact shows up on the "Find" but not on the "Lookup".

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Apparently, this is by design

by bbradford In reply to Problem persists
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Any "work-arounds"?

by carlos.oliveira In reply to Apparently, this is by de ...

It's just that organizing in sub-folders is critical for me. I syncronize my Outlook with a smartphone with a 200 contacts maximum, hence sub-folders is more reasonable than categories on the primary folder.

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Sorry - couldn't find any workarounds.

by bbradford In reply to Any "work-arounds"?

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