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    Contacts within Exchange 2003


    by phil.kesteven ·

    Hi, we’re currently running a test SBS 2003 server to play with and get use to Exchange 2003 before we go out and spend some money.

    Currently, we’re using a Sendmail system for external based E-Mail over POP. Because of this, we have setup a PAB file of all external contacts used within the company for sharing contacts. The PAB file is copied over every night to individuals home directory for where Outlook reads from.

    The question, can some form of shared contacts directory be created within Exchange, that some users can ammend? Also, is it possible for this contacts directory to be seen on a Web-Outlook session?

    I’ve created a contacts list within a public folder, but this doesn’t appear in the drop-down list out a OWA TO field.

    Thanks in advance…E-Mail me if this sounds very confusing.

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