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Content / Change Management for Web Dev.

By Roderic ·
What is the best tool out there right now for Content/Change Management of a large corporate Inter/Intra/Extranet and why?

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I know a good one..

by zuidema In reply to Content / Change Manageme ...

I don't know all programms there are but I heard some realy good reports on Guass
its a realy good content management system witch is realy scallable and has room for differnet kinda extra's like e-commerce systems.. take a look at

P.S. I should ask them money for this comercial..:)

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Another option ...

by In reply to Content / Change Manageme ...

Another option I would consider is Tridion. You can find them on

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You should take a look at Interwoven

While it really depends on the specific requirements for your project, especially the following critical factors:

1. functionality / integration w/ existing systems
2. time constaints/deliverables
3. ROI justification, or
4. project budget(or lack of)...

I was recently involved in a thorough evaluation of these products. Interwoven was the one that stood out above the rest. My experience with the company and products has been excellent. Here are a few of the "WHY"S":

"KITCHEN SINK NOT INCLUDED" - Their products are very robust and focused strictly on the management of all content (FS, DB, code)and automating the processes that facilitate QA and deploying that content into the production environment. Their Change Mgt. funtionality is not necessarily as extensive as Rational Rose or Intersolv's PVCS, but they are very good and will probably meet your requirements.

"PLAY NICE WITH OTHERS" - Teamsite is well built, has an open architecture (making for easy integration with the existing enviroment...e.g. content creation tools, web servers/app servers, personalization tools, CRM), and are very scaleable for rapid growth/deployment.

"DON"T FIX IT IF IT WORKS WELL" - They also enable IT to easily map their graphical workfow tools to (integrate with/modify and improve/control) the company's existing business processes.

"TRAINING SHOULD NOT BE PAINFUL" - The products are really very easy to use and have a learning curve that is measured more in hours and days than weeks and months.

"CM FOR DUMMIES" (and experts) - Extensibility is important. Their templating capabilities make it very easy to learn/use for any business unit users (content contributors) and management (blessings/corporate seal of approval)while keeping technical control centralized within IT.

I hope that you find this helpful to your search and evaluation.

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Check out Grey Zone, Inc.

by dennisr In reply to You should take a look at ...

Grey Zone is just as scalable as Interwoven, but is 1/3 of the cost! Grey Zone will unify all of your Web properties onto one platform, allow you to build Intranets, Extanets on the fly, and control your corporate branding as well as content management. Go to and sign up for their Webinar.

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Check out Grey Zone

by dennisr In reply to Content / Change Manageme ...


We recently deployed our SecureZone platform for GN Resound. They are running 18 sites in 5 languages- all dynamically driven with distributed management throughout the world. SecureZone allows GN Resound to maintain their high standard branding while allowing each country to manage the content on their sites.

SecureZone is a specialized web application platform combining corporate brand management, system administration applications, e-business applications, and content management applications into a single URL (Uniform Resource Locator). It provides users with personalized access to relevant information and protects confidential assets by securely targeting content to public sites, intranets and extranets.

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