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Content Filtering and Limiting Bandwidth

By khalid_hasu ·
Hi friends, I own an internet browsing facility, I have been given 20 gb download limit/month by my ISP, how can I use content filtering in my client pc's, so that people won't see online videos and download porn movies and also is there any way in XP or a good software to limit bandwidth?
Looking forward for your help. :)

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by Nilt In reply to Content Filtering and Lim ...

A lot of what you can do will depend on the infrastructure you have in place. Are you running a domain of any kind or simply several PCs hooked up to the Net via a router? It should also go without saying that if Internet access is the core of your business you should shop for an alternative provider who does not limit your usage.

As far as limiting movies; I don?t think you really have much of an option there. Your real issue is that people will not pay you to browse if you limit what they can get to. You?re much better off capping the speed at which they can get to anything so basic browsing isn?t affected but they aren?t soaking your valuable bandwidth in 2 days for a few users.

For that you?d want a "bandwidth shaper". There are a lot of different ones out there; Google the term and you?ll find many of them. Most of these, however, require you to be running a gateway PC to install it on. You can also find this functionality built in to many router/gateway devices so it may be an option now.

Let us know a bit more about your setup and someone will likely post more specific details on what you can do.

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by khalid_hasu In reply to Content Filtering and Lim ...

I have a ADSL 1mbps connection, which is hooked to my server by usb, and then I have a local network connected by a switch. All my pc's use Windows XP service pack2. I have shared the ADSL connection through Windows XP ICS. Can you please name a good Bandwitdh Shaper software?
I live in a rural area in India, and this is the only provider which has a ADSL connection, so I hae to go with this one even if the ISP has a download limit of 20GB.

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by Nilt In reply to Content Filtering and Lim ...

There are just too many of these products to recommend one. I'd advise a bit of research starting here:

That should lead you to quite a few, some of them are freeware and many ofer free trials. The USB connection makes using any "professional" router difficult and limits you to software options.

You may want to consider a *nix/BSD solution as a gateway instead of XP. While the learning curve is there you'll open up your options dramatically. Of course, this is limited to whether the DSL modem has *nix drivers.

Hope this helps.

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by khalid_hasu In reply to Content Filtering and Lim ...

Thank you very much Nilt, I really appreciate your help.

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