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    Content filtering for an ISP


    by yeshey ·

    HI..Right now we are using a X-Stop proxy server in our ISP> Can anyone let me know what content filtering method to use. WE would like to use a secure and good content filter. Any of you who work in ISPs and know andy good method, pls let me know,.Also pls share ur experiences with me.

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      Content Filtering

      by jason.griffin ·

      In reply to Content filtering for an ISP

      I would recommend one of two solutions depending on your preference to OS.

      1. Netsweeper, which is content filtering system which runs on top of Linux and uses an intelligent white list / black list solution for your customers.

      2. Microsoft ISA server running N2H2 URL filtering plugin is also bullet proof.

      Mail me if you want more info.

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