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Content Filters vs. Gay/Lesbian workers

By Joe Leverone ·
I haven't had to deal with this yet, but it's bound to come up sooner or later. We recently installed a content filter for our company. It strikes me as being pretty aggresive in what it won't allow workers to access. Have there been any legal issues relating to content filters interfering with peoples civil rights? How has this been dealt with?

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Civil rights?

by Bonehead In reply to Content Filters vs. Gay/L ...

I dont think that surfing the web at the office has anything to do with civil rights. I find this train of thought interesting though. A company can choose to block whatever they so desire. They can even take away internet access all together, ifthey so choose.

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by DBlizzard In reply to Civil rights?

Pretty soon companies will be obligated to have "in-house" baby-sitting service for employees. Not only will I have to listen to some guy/gal's kids screaming all day, but I will be screaming at him/her to get off the friging Internet and do some work, after I delete all of his/her spam from our server so we have room to store the work he/she might do. Oh yeah! I am also tired of parking 20 blocks from Wal-Mart because the first 4001 parking spaces are handicap, and empty.
I know this day is coming because they already have me typing "his/her".
Sure I'm bitter.
I apologize in advance for any feelings I may have hurt, I accept all forced counseling and will donate 30% of my salary to all of the organizations I hate........ I mean organizations I don't "understand" because I am simple, narrow minded and defeated.

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