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Content Management over the web?

By buschman_007 ·
Hey guys,

I wanted to get some advice on potential content management packages. We are a software company that designs specific processes for telecom corporations such as Verizon, Sprint, GBC, etc. Well a big part of what we do involves relasing updates and patches to our software. Currently we use e-mail notification and FTP to transfer information. But I feel this is an arcane way to do this and I want to come up with something better.

I'm thinking there has got to be a better, faster, more efficient way to disribute releases to customers. My thought is to utilize web. Add a section onto our website that would allow users to log on and get the newest updates available. Maybe setup a page for each user logging in and someway to manage the data so it makes it easy for our developers to distribute files and easy for the users to login and pick them up. Also a way to track who has downloaded, what, when, and how many times would be a very valuable to us as well.

I'm not a web or database guru. So an already developed package is sort of what I'm after. We are willing to spend money to do such a thing, but we are not large, so money IS an issue.

Thanks so much for any and all advice,
Mike Busch

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Mozilla has built in capability to monitor ...

by stress junkie In reply to Content Management over t ...

changes to a web page. I currently have Mozilla configured to monitor the home page. When I start Mozilla it automatically checks the current home page against its copy in its cache and creates a pop up window when there is a difference between them.

Cheap? How about no cost? Well, you would have to show your clients how to set up this web page monitoring, and they'd have to use Mozilla browser. This is done as follows:

Mozilla Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager -> right button click on a specific book mark -> Properties -> check this page for updates

Your letter makes me think that you are looking for some application like email but somehow better. I can't think of anything like that but the Mozilla page checking feature seems like it might be worth consideration. On the other hand what's wrong with your current procedure of using email? If it works then don't fix it.

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Source Forge

by JamesRL In reply to Mozilla has built in capa ...

Source Forge is an open software tool built for exactlt what you want. It is used by HP and other companies to distribute software, track user bug reports etc.

You can use their site to host, build your own site using their tools, or buy the commercial version. Check it out at


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by buschman_007 In reply to Source Forge

This sounds very interesting. Your thinking along the lines that I'm trying to build. I'll check out their site and see what they have to offer. Thanks.


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Va Software aka sourceforge.

by Jaqui In reply to

a cvs/content management tool.

most portal sites ( lots on )
are exactly that.
with a downloads module.
might not have the ability to restrict people from accessing all downloads with them.

but it's a foundation for adding that extra bit of functionality.

since the sourceforge software is a fairly expensive annual license application.

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Sourceforge versus enterprise

by JamesRL In reply to Va Software aka sourcefor ...

VA software offers an enhanced version of Sourceforge, but the "open" version is good enough for most applications. The open version is free.

I would suggest that you can always try the free version, and if you find you need more a year down the road, explore the VA software version. When one of my previous employers explored this alternative we couldn't find a downside.


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Well I don't know how complex your stuff is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Content Management over t ...

But internal database applications I've written just looked up a products table and checked the version number of the exe against the most recent record in the table. If you are out of date you get a message and the option to hit a link and go straight to the intranet page and download the installer. Added a whats new, release dates, obsolete date, notifications (online help updated etc). All quite simple to build in.
Took me about a day or so.

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