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Continuing Need For IE Cache?

By ssummit ·
With fast computers, fast Internet connections (cable, dsl) is there any real need to set the Temporary Internet Files to more than 1 MB?

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First thing I do is turn this off

by jdclyde In reply to Continuing Need For IE Ca ...

The data most of my users access is so fluid that if you go back in ten minutes it may have changed.

So I turn the option to check everytime the site is visited, and back the cache down to 20M.

I also have it set to clear temp folder everytime IE is shut down.

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It's not ALL that bad!

by zging In reply to First thing I do is turn ...

Apart from the small problems of making sure the end-user is looking at your latest content, the continued use of caching has a few advantages that I can think of:

1) Keeping server bandwidth down: imagine nobody used caching at all, and the kept visiting your website. If you have a maximum monthly bandwidth, then your regular visitors will use this up in no time if they download all images etc each time they visited your site.

2) No matter how fast the local bandwidth and server bandwidth, loading an asset from the local hard disk is always going to be faster. This helps improve the user experience say for example with large flash movies etc...

I sometimes get annoyed with caching when I'm developing, but as with most things, there are some good points. Keep the cache! :)

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All depends on the type of surfing

by jdclyde In reply to It's not ALL that bad!

The reason you are going to the net will depend on if caching is good or not.

As I said, for many business functions the data will change very quickly. For some of our functions we tell people not to use the data if it was pulled more than 20 minutes ago.

On a professional web site, all your graphics should be as small as possible with the resolution backed down for screen viewing unless it is intended to be printed.

NOTE: How many times do you go to a web site and watch the same flash movie?

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I agree....

by zging In reply to All depends on the type o ...

On an ideal website, graphics should be optimised and compliment the content... but we all know this doesn't always happen. Alot of people want good content and a great looking sites with larger graphics, flash etc.

"NOTE: How many times do you go to a web site and watch the same flash movie?"
This may be many times if the flash movie is generic and loads content dynamically. Also, Flash games?

Again, you are right, it depends on the type of surfing, i guess that's why we have to change the browser settings ourselves!!

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