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Continuos Switch Failure

By matthew ·
I have been having problems with my switch suddenly not working. I have 3 other switches of the same brand (Earlier models) which all work fine. The first time it happened I got a replacement switch and same thing; it worked for a couple weeks and then dropped all connections. I did extensive testing with the manufacturers tech support and the only thing that worked was after I updated the NIC driver it reestablished connection. I thought that was it but today it went down again.

All the lights are green, power cord is good, port plugged into other switch is good. Static or Dynamic it doesn?t matter how the IP is assigned. No other computers lose connection just the ones in this switch. What I was wondering is if it may be the newer switch which causes this since the older ones work OK. Below I will list the models I have which work and the one that doesn?t. Hopefully someone has come across this because I am at a loss of what may be causing this.

Working ? Dell Power Connect 2124 & Power Connect 2016
Not Working ? Dell 2324
Thank You,

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Continuos Switch Failure

I would say the most likely problem is the Switch itself as it should work with any NIC driver and you shouldn't need to constantly be updating drivers as they become available.

Personally I'd be looking at another brand of Switch as this doesn't bode well for the new switch model. If you have any of the older ones available you could substitute that and see if it works but a switch should not have compatibility issues between itself and different switches and NIC connectors or drivers. If all else fails a Firmware upgrade if one is available might do some good but it very much sounds as if the switch itself is the problem and from what you have described you may just have been unlucky and got 2 bad ones but the more likely scenario is that they are faulty and a bad design from the start.


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by matthew In reply to Continuos Switch Failure

Thsanks for you answer Col,
i too am hoping it's 2 faulty switches in a row but somehow i doubt it. i do not have an older model but i was wondering who you could reccomend for a durable switch
? Maybe someone with good tech support also incase it keeps happening.


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by pctech In reply to Continuos Switch Failure

One other area you may look at is an over heating issue. The newer switch may be more prone to heating issues than the older models. Just a thought.

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