Continuous beeping noise when upgrading RAM - no booting up

By mike-h777 ·

I've encountered a curious yet worrisome problem. I've decided to upgrade my computer's ram from 512MB Sticks to 1GB sticks. When I replace my two 512MB Sticks to the brand new 1GB sticks, I get a continious beeping sound, and my computer fails to boot up.

My motherboard is a GA-81PE1000-G, and can have up to 4GBs of DDR ram up to 1GB per Slot.

The new RAM is the same brand and configuration as the old 512 MB RAM

Old RAM: Legend 512MB DDR400(T6464D47-BU1LDC9M)
New RAM: Legend 1GB DDR400(T1264D47-PP1LDMDC)

I've tried just 1 Stick at a time, and in the different slots, and each time the Beeping goes on. Works fine when I put my old sticks back in. Also when I add 1GB stick in the third slot, (with the 512s in the first two slots), the computer will boot up, but will not recognise the extra 1GB. Very confusing :-(

Many thanks in advance if you offer some help with this.

kind regard

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Sounds Like...

by rkuhn In reply to Continuous beeping noise ...

You've done a good job of troubleshooting.

Perhaps the new RAM is just bad. See if you can exchange it and try again.

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Check BIOS and Hardware version

by TheChas In reply to Continuous beeping noise ...

Looking over the specifications at both Gigabyte's and Legend's web sites, I don't have a direct answer as to why this does not work.

I would start by checking the hardware version of your motherboard and the BIOS version.

As long as you have a hardware version that does support 1GB modules, all you may need is an updated BIOS.

If you do flash the BIOS, make sure you have the correct BIOS for your hardware version and that you follow all instructions.


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Same problem as Mike-H777

by xbr549x In reply to Continuous beeping noise ...

I have the same problem. I have two 512 (original) sticks. I went to add two 1 gb sticks (not recognized). The mobo user manual says that I did it right. The system info page recognizes the 3 gb of physical ram, but the available ram is less than 1 gb.

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