Continuous beeping

By Crusty_Demon_3 ·
I have resently taken out and put back in both my 256Mb and 512Mb sticks of ram and now when I try to boot my computer I get a continous beeping noise from the system speaker (before this my fans spin for 5 short bursts)
I have tried booting up with just one stick and then with just the other but this did not work.

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Depends on the motherboard

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Continuous beeping

A continuous beep with Award BIOS is a RAM problem.
With a IBM BIOS it refers to a loose card or short.

Disconnect the system from power and make sure you are grounded (to avoid static charges). Then remove the RAM sticks, check for burn spots or damaged connectors and carefully & firmly re-seat them in the proper slots.

A good utility for testing RAM is MemTest86. It can be used on a boot diskette or C

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Gigabyte GA-8SIMLNF

by Crusty_Demon_3 In reply to Depends on the motherboar ...

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-8SIMLNF. I don't think that the RAM is damaged because I removed the RAM from the computer I am currently using (very similar and running the same motherboard) and put it in the computer and i had the same problem. Also i think that the 5 short bursts of fan was maybe the processor

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Check Motherboard

by sfessey In reply to Gigabyte GA-8SIMLNF

I could ont find that model on the Gigabyte web site. However, this site may be useful as a troubleshooting aid.

Good luck

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by Crusty_Demon_3 In reply to Check Motherboard

I took it down to a shop today and found that it was infact a problem with the motherboard but i have decided to update the motherboard and get dual processors, an extra 1 Gb of RAM and a 256Mb Nvidia Gfx card so its all cool

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