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    Continuous logon


    by adb2020 ·

    I have a user that is prompted several times a day to enter his username and password for the domain (win 2000). Any ideas?

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      Reply To: Continuous logon

      by sbar ·

      In reply to Continuous logon

      Could you give more details? What happens or what user does before prompt?

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      by lcampbell ·

      In reply to Continuous logon

      Sounds like a connectivity issue to me. Check the cables, switches, NIC’s etc..etc…. if connection is intermittent, then log on to the DC will also be.
      If user is accessing network shares or files, they will need to be RE:authenicated each time connection is re-established.

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      more info plz

      by r3d ·

      In reply to Continuous logon

      is this happening only on the one system or any system in the domain? Does the user logon at multiple systems? Are they logged on elswhere now? Have you checked the NIC? Is the system an imaged system? If so, was the system ID changed after it was imaged? Can this person access Email properly from Outlook? reply with this info and maybe we can help more…



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