continuous rebooting

By khaja_1213 ·
hi guys
i need your suggestions and needs may my problem so common to you. due to some power problem i had shutdown my system not in a proper manner.
by the next day it's continuously restarting by showing
safe mode
safe mode with command prompt
good configuration mode(something like this)
eventhough i had choosen safe mode it didn't work for me after attempting 4-5 times it shows database corrupt message with blue screen.

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What OS?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to continuous rebooting

We can't see your computer. Please provide more detail.

What Operating System?

What make/model of PC?

What kind of 'power problem' caused you to need to shut down improperly?

How did you shut it down when the power problem occurred?

Have you tried booting with the 'Last Known Good Configuration'?


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Have you tried.....

by ---TK--- In reply to continuous rebooting

Sticking an XP CD in, go in to recovery, and running chkdsk? Great utility, it has saved my rear end a couple times.

I would also try "last know good config.", like the POST above stated. Probably will not work, but its worth a try.

You could also try Running a bootable OS (linux, UBCD, or a Mini PE), attach an external drive, and drag and drop your data to the external drive. Once that is done, remove the drive and reinstall the OS.

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you could also try

by Sue T In reply to continuous rebooting

reinstalling windows over top of your current installation. this won't delete your pograms or data and you will need to run windows updates afterward to replace any updates you already have installed. how about running system file checker?

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