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Contract Workers

By Techrepublic Member ·
Can someone tell me whether it is possible for h1b employers to keep pressurizing their consultants to sign mini-contracts (after the real contract was signed)?
Moreover is it possible for them to penalize their consultants if the client sues them for some damages that the client claims were caused by their consultant?
Whats the difference between a company specific and an ordinary H1B?

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what kind of contract???

by xxx123 In reply to Contract Workers

What is in this mini-contract? A committment to stay a certain period of time? I thought the H1B and greencard sponsorship already locked the person in.

By damages, I assume you don't mean driving your car into the side of the building. I assume you are talking about some kind of system, project or software mishap. Occasionally, large consultancies get sued because they didn't deliver on commitments made in writing and paid for. But I'm not familiar with any situations where the consultancy took the money out of the consultant's paycheck. However if it was a very incompetent job they might fire you.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the different kinds of H1B visa.

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Getting first pay

by Techrepublic Member In reply to what kind of contract???

When do H1bs get their first pay?

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just like everyone else

by xxx123 In reply to Getting first pay

An H1B goes on the payroll just like anyone else in the company - - so if the company pays bi-weekly, that's when the first check comes.

Some companies take an extra week to get the first check out but other than that, I'm not aware of any special circumstances surrounding the paycheck frequency of H1Bs.

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