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Contractor dealing with problems with 'psuedo subordinate'

By youngster ·
As a contractor filling a permanent senior role, I have had to work with a permanent subordinate who does not really report to me. I have had some issues with this subordinate not meeting deadlines or pulling their weight and have on some occasions seen them and have been told by them that they engage in non-work activities and have clearly been instructed on their 'personal work ethics' which I do not agree with. I know that these non-work activities and their work ethic directly impact their ability to produce work that is on time and accurate but the client non-IT supervisor always accept the explanations for work being late or inaccurate that are not actually true. Since we work as a team I am having trouble how to handle this since I believe these missed deadlines or error proned work also relects on me. How can I handle this when I am not sure the client will appreciate my candidness if I **** the whistle?

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Responsibility v Authority

by Cactus Pete In reply to Contractor dealing with p ...

You have been given a position of responsibility with no Authority. Depending on the severity of the issue(s) that this psuedo sobordinate is creating, you can bring this up with the errant person first.

If the reaction is very negative during the 'confrontation' , be prepared to immediately bring this to someone who IS in a position of authority over the slacker. [Be sure you know who this really is, too.]

Even if it doesn't go really well, if you can, wait a day before going to the other manager. Sometimes people don't take criticism very well until they've had some time to think about it and potentially discuss it with a spouse or some other confidant.

Then, be very factual with the manager about what concerns you, and have a few suggestions about what might be done to help the situation. Good luck.

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You've Hit the Nail on the Head ....

by youngster In reply to Responsibility v Authorit ...

I think your analysis of responsibility vs authority is correct. This is exactly how I view things.

The 'psuedo subordinate' clearly sees it this way and feels that they are... well 'untouchable'. I have tried the diplomatic approach but maybe a more direct approach is needed.

Thanks for the advice!

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by djent In reply to Contractor dealing with p ...

Keep detailed notes on your interactions, forward copies to your employer explaining the impact of what is happening. If nothing improves you will have documented the reasons or cause of failed or late projects.

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by youngster In reply to CYA

Thanks for your comments.

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