Control bandwidth per user

By uniburo ·
Internet providers apply limits to the max amount of bandwidth.
After that amount is applied a "penalty" in terms of cost or of speed reduction.
To administer a small LAN (without a server with specific software to fix limits per user), could be useful to control bandwidth with router policies.
Do you know any 'comparison chart' of routers models, offering this kind of feature?
Very glad for any suggestion or opinion on the theme.
Gianni GALLY

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I assume you realise this will strangle your business activity ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Control bandwidth per use ...

If your situation were a domestic one, you could reduce your bandwidth usage and just have less access to the internet.

But if you are talking about a LAN within a business environment, and reduction of user access will effectively strangle your business productivity, bringing about more problems than the one that you are trying to solve.

You might be better to re-negotiate for a less restrictive bandwidth ~ one that will allow your business greater bandwidth. That way you won't restrict your productivity.

An alternative would be to implement User Education (if the LAN users are responsible for the rogue bandwidth usage).

Or you can restrict access to specific sites by blocking everything that passes through your Firewall, only allowing access to unrestricted, business approved connections.

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