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Control network device access

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Do you agree with Mike Mullins that organizations need to apply the same rules for accessing network devices as they do for user access to files? How do you authenticate administrators that configure your routers and switches? Share your comments about controlling network device access, as discussed in the Jan. 9 Security Solutions e-newsletter.

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RADIUS recommendations

by mike.hiland In reply to Control network device ac ...

I have been looking into this just recently. Most of the RADIUS Server products that I find are UNIX/LINUX-based. We are a Windows environment with no ability to support a Linux application.

Except for spending $4000+ for Cisco's Secure ACS, what else is out there that runs on Windows?


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Windows Radius

by lgarner In reply to RADIUS recommendations

"Internet Authentication Service" is the included Windows RADIUS implementation.

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then why bother

by Harry.Shipley In reply to Windows Radius

if this is true, what is the difference.

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TACACS+ free?

by dcomeau In reply to Control network device ac ...

Mike mentions that "TACACS+ is free from Cisco, and it runs on a variety of UNIX-flavored platforms." Where is it free?

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by Mike Mullins In reply to TACACS+ free?

For those of you looking for free TACACS+ server software, browse to:**86a00800946a3.shtml

Good Luck,
Mike Mullins

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Cisco TACACS+ free download

by andy1turner In reply to Free TACACS+

Seems as if it is only free iof you have a Cisco account.

If not you get a 404 error.


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Real Security?

by etamariz In reply to Free TACACS+

Amazing that it's discussed the need for such a critical part of a Secure Evironment, but it has to be done FREE.

So does it means that Senior IT management is not all the way behind this solution? Do we look for the free routing code or the free VPN code or the free Accounts payable as well.

The first step for an effective Security Plan is to establish full resource and cost support behind it first. Isn't it?

Ed T

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Free security

by Mike Mullins In reply to Real Security?

Ed, I am a firm believer of incorporating security within the IT budget. However, budgets work in cycles and rather than waiting for the money to solve a pressing issue. I strongly advocate the use of free tools. The benefit is they can be deployed immediately while you're waiting on the funds or you can direct the funds to another issue that freeware can't solve.
Mike Mullins
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