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    controling bandwidth usage on a cisco router?!


    by r_o_l_a_n_d ·

    Hello all,

    i’ve recently set up my cisco 2811 router, to do bandwidth shaping.
    i assigned 120 % of my bandwidth to users, since the possibility of everyone maxing out their bandwidth is slim, thus it gives a certain buffer for sharing the remaining bandwidth.

    but the thing is, sometimes such cases do occur!
    and QOS deteriorate due to the fact that i cannot pinpoint which user is eating away such huge amount of bandwidth..

    so my question is, is there a way to pinpoint such user/ip. without using a packeteer!

    in other words, is there a cisco IOS/command that has the ability to pinpoint bandwidth usage per ip or Access list!

    i checked the web UI for the router, it just gives me the bandwidth usage per interface, anot per ip/acl as i need it to be.

    any help would be appreciated:)

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