Controlling 2 Windows 2k3 server computers using Windows XP mmc

By naz2k66 ·

I've recently created a workgroup from 3 test computers. 1 Windows XP computer and 2 Windows Server 2k3 computers under a test environment. I've assigned I.P's to all 3,pinged and created a workgroup for all.
What I am trying to do is access the Windows 2k3 computers from My Windows XP computer using the MMC snap in tool under local users and groups. It recognized the computer however when I try and access, It comes up with the message 'Access is denied'
I'm a total beguinner at this so any help would be appreciated.


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by clarkd038 In reply to Controlling 2 Windows 2k3 ...

If you are in the workgroup you must have an account that has administrative privaleges through-out the whole workgroup, because if you just have an account with local admin, it doesn't have the rights on the remote computer to logon.

If you have two Server 2k3 why not create a domain, that way you can create a domain admin and be able to manage all computer through the MMC console.

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by Churdoo In reply to Controlling 2 Windows 2k3 ...

Since you're in workgroup mode and not a domain, whatever username/password you're logged into the XP workstation as, needs to exist as a local account on each of the servers.

An alternative is to connect to the servers first using a separate account that exists on the servers, to establish an authenticated session, as in
net use \\server1\print$ /user:serveruser serveruserpassword

and then you can connect the server with the MMC

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What clark said

by Churdoo In reply to Credentials

I agree: consider creating a domain

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