Controlling DirecTV at a remote location through slingbox and computer

By JMessick82 ·
Hi, I recently moved to San Diego from Orange County. I kept my apartment in OC and therefore kept my TV service through DirecTV. Not wanting to pay for TV service at two locations I went and bought a Sling Box (SlingTV) to set up at my apartment in OC. I was going to use ChromeCast to "sling" TV from my computer in San Diego but the quality was poor. I have instead connected my computer directly to my TV in San Diego via an HDMI cable. I can now view my TV via the slingbox webpage. I was wondering if there is anyway to set up a remote to control my DirecTV box in OC from my place in SD. The slingbox webpage/plugin/app has a virtual remote that is shown on screen on my computer but in order to use that I have to get up a physically walk over tp my computer to change the channel and when I use that it reduces the picture size. I did find an app yesterday that allowed me to use my smart phone as a mouse and/or keyboard for my computer which worked but I would still rather have buttons that directly perform the task rather than have to move a cursor over a virtual controller and click. Can anyone help me?

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