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Controlling the desktop

By mrddguy ·
This topic has been brought up previously, but the question and answers are several years old. I would like some current comment.

What software is used to lockdown or control the desktop where you work?

Do you depend on a policy statement and reinforcement from management or do you have to resort to other ways to keep control?

What do you allow and what do you block?

Do you have different levels of access or is everyone treated the same?

How did you do it (i.e. deal with the politics)?

Needless to say I want to lock down the desktop, but I fear I will encounter more trouble than it is worth, including a mini-mutiny from my own people because they think we're not being tough enough.


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Lock Down

by Old Guy In reply to Controlling the desktop

I will be interested in keeping up with this subject. We are beginning the process of developing Group Policies to lock down the desktops. I have an outside IT group who will be showing me how to use and streamline the Group Policies. If we come up with anything really slick and it's not posted here I'll send it in.

We will have different groups. This is an orthopaedic clinic with about 175 users. We'll have one group for the doctors and probably 2 - 3 other groups depending on job function.

As far as putting down any mutinies the CEO here kind of likes to "be in control" so he's the one divvying up the restrictions for the different groups. That way I don't have to be the bad guy. Sometimes it helps to pass the buck.

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