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    this is part of the post about the printer,heres the story thus far,.the pc iam trying to install the printer on is 98,it can access the server and all domains from its explorer window thats fine ,but it couldnt ping the server,??????? i only work at this company on work experiance 1day per week so iam not geting the chance to realy get to grips with nt server,, 🙁

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      There is not enough info in this posting to help…

      If you can’t ping the server, check your IP settings throughly, make sure that that mask and gateway are correct.

      If you are trying to install a printer shared off a server, can you not browse it and install it that way? Or map manually by sharename? IE \\serverone\printerone. You could install it manually to lpt1, then change port after install.

      What kind of printer is it? If it is networked, can you print to it directly?

      Anyhow, there’s a few thoughts. Good Luck BK

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