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Conversion from Static Addressing to DHCP

By jham ·
Our network consists of One Windows NT 4.0 Server SP6 with 12 Windows NT 4.0 SP6 Workstations connected to a HUB using TCP/IP Networking. All workstations pull data from the Server. The entire system has static IP Addressing. Can this be converted to DHCP without causing any problems?

Thanking you in advance for your response!


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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Conversion from Static Ad ...

with the data that you provided yes.
make sure first that everyone can ping the nt server. I assume the nt server will become the dhcp server.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Conversion from Static Ad ...

yes, and i would. here are some things to consider first:
as you know sometimes, you gotta have static ip addresses. for example: print servers, mail servers, gateways, routers (wireless?) dhcp servers (smile) pcanywhere hosts...think of all you can and think of how you will react to stuff you didnt' think of. got any laptops out there set up now with static ips that are gonna break when then next come onto the LAN? (possible ip address conflict) maybe with your small network, only have print servers and NT server. there is no router to the internet? if there is, look at the settings. stuff might be routed to static ip addresses...
anyhow, identify what needs to stay static (written list) and pre-assign that stuff in your dhcp configuration. and document it. and put in place procedure to keep docs up to date. and add to your resume that you did this (smile).

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by NetTek In reply to Conversion from Static Ad ...

Yes, but why would you want to? Setting up a DHCP server is one more thing to maintain on your network, and you only have 13 nodes.

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by joshg In reply to Conversion from Static Ad ...

Leave well enough alone. Why would you want to use DHCP? You have already gone through the hassle of setting the IP, DNS, Routers, WINS etc in the client. You would have to touch all the machines again to remove.

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by prashanthbl In reply to Conversion from Static Ad ...

Yes very much. We can configure the WINNT Server 4.0 as an DHCP Server and make assign the range of IP Address. Then the rest of the workstations can be made as DHCP Clients.

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by clrichardson In reply to Conversion from Static Ad ...

You COULD add DHCP if you wanted for new machines or those that are multi-homed, etc. You would have exclude the existing static IP's from the DHCP range though.

But I'm with 3 and 4 above. The hard work has already been done,and static IP's are easier to troubleshoot. If there's no critical need you didn't mention, all you would be doing is playing musical IP's for 12 workstations.

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by Mark In reply to Conversion from Static Ad ...

Certainly, and I recommend you have both. That's how I always setup the network. You can either use the DHCP server built into NT4 Server or use your systems router if it has DHCP and most do. Just setup a block of 25 or so addresses for DHCP and leave the rest static. Choose a range you can remember like 100-125 and you'll know to avoid these addresses for static addressing. The Server you should leave static as well as any print servers and teh gateway. Be sure to setup the gateway and DNS in your DHCP to make things simple. This is easier on most routers, but also not too hard on the NT4 Server DHCP Server. DHCP is great when adding new workstations or upgrading a PC.

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