Converstion from dec to hex

By jatinder_44 ·
Is there is function to send Hexadeciaml data to serial port in vb.

eg: &h65

i working with serial port communication with robots it take &h64 this value from textbox and then send the data back to me in the another text box,But i want that if user enter the decimal data then it should convert into this form &h64 and then send it to the serial port .
it convert the value to hexadecimal but when i pass this value to the mscomm control or to the serial port it doesn't reply my code is just follow below.

	Text3.Text = Hex(Text1.Text)
	 bytetosend(0) = Text3.Text
                 bytetosend(1) = Text3.Text
                bytetosend(2) = Text3.Text
           	 bytetosend(3) = Text3.Text
	 bytetosend(4) = Text3.Text
        	bytetosend(5) = Text3.Text
        	buffer = bytetosend()
        	MSComm1.Output = buffer
       	 dummy = DoEvents()
       	 Loop Until MSComm1.InBufferCount > 5
        	datain = MSComm1.Input
       	 Text2.Text = Val(Asc(Mid$(datain, 1, 1)))


And i want to display the value in Text2.text from input from serial port.pls help in this .
Thank u

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