Convert a tab delimted file to XLS

By marigumeru ·
Hi, I have a file (RTF) that contains data from a third party database software. The data is in tab delimited and I want to convert it to XLS 2003 for possible manipulation where each record will have about five fields. Please help!!!

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Are you looking for....

by robo_dev In reply to Convert a tab delimted fi ...

how to do that? Answer: Simply import it into Excel


Some stand-alone third party utility to do that?

Some plug-in or code to do that?

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Reponse To Answer

by marigumeru In reply to Are you looking for....

Robo_Dev, thanx for your answer. However when I import it to excel, the data aligns itself to one column and flows down the rows. Is it possible to import it and maintain the arrangement? what third party utility would you propose?

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Excel imports of funny files

by aratinga In reply to Convert a tab delimted fi ...

Excel does imports nicely. The trick is to change the extension to .txt from .rtf. Then start Excel and tell it to open the file (don't double click on the file). The import dialog will start, and you can select Tab Delimited. Then you can define some of the columns as text versus number and so forth.

When in doubt, load a file into TextPad and check whether all the rows are Tab Delimited. The RTF file can have non-tabular crap at the top, which you can remove. TextPad is my favourite application for Windows.

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Easiest way is copy/paste

by ThatOtherApple In reply to Convert a tab delimted fi ...

An RTF is *not* a text (TXT) file. Simply renaming RTF to TXT won't make Excel recognize it. Try this: Open Notepad, drag/drop your file to the open Notepad document. See all those character sequences that have nothing to do with your data? That's RTF (Rich Text Format).

Excel does interpret TAB delimited data from the clipboard. The easiest way to bring this data in would be to select it (from Wordpad or Word), Copy it, then Paste it into Excel. You could also Paste it into a blank Notepad and save that as a TXT file. That could then be imported into Excel.

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