convert an Access database to a SQL server database

By shinde.shital ·
can you please tell me,

Using VB.NET how to convert an Access database to a SQL server database?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to convert an Access databas ...

Get the database from access into SQL Server. DTS (Data Transfer Services) is the stand out candidate or SSIS if it's 2005.

I can't think why you would want to write your own converter. That's a lot of work re-inventing a wheel.

You could use the wizards to set up a typed dataset. And then use the type information in that to create an other one. That could go from a fair bit of work to months, dependant on how good the design fit is.

If this was a one off job I wouldn't bother writing a program to do it at all. I'd only do that if say I was converting all my customers local copy of the current schema. Even then I'd probably use the DTS runtime, or SSIS equivalent

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by Absolutely In reply to Confused

Doesn't that task sound a lot more like a homework assignment than a profitable one?

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Too complex for homework

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Amused

As for profitable, re-inventing wheels is most often the opposite.

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