Convert MP3 player to Portable Harddisk

By uncletravellingbrendan ·
I bought a Samsung (YH-925) 20Gb harddisk a couple of years ago. It was a rubbish mp3 player and i'm sorta glad it broke because it meant i was able to buy a new, decent one.

anyway, i don't want to waste the harddisk so was wondering if i can format it in some way and install drivers on it that will allow me to transfer photo's from my camera to it, when i'm in the field.

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it can be done!

by apsbainc In reply to Convert MP3 player to Por ...

depending on what is the matter with the player, its not hard to use the USB function still. When connecting it to a PC press the >>| button before you connect the cable, that will allow the player to act as a USB Mass Storage device, and you can load your pictures onto it like a flash drive.

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Hve a broken Samsung YH-925, need parts

by cvdswede In reply to Convert MP3 player to Por ...

Hi, it is a rubbish player, nevertheless I'd like to repair mine. The screen is dead and I can't find a replacement anywhere. Do you know where I could find one or would you sell yours ?

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