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    Convert MP4 video to DVD??


    by etodmrz ·

    Convert MP4 video to DVD??
    I’ve tried using a program called Dvdflick to convert a 3.3 gig mp4 vid to dvd format (Audio TS and Video TS) and it only does the first 20 minutes (about 750 mb) and stops. It takes 4+hours to get to the “Burn to DVD” point (meaning it reads/converts the whole 3.3 gig mp4 vid file) but only one 700mb vob~ts file (the 20 min portion that IS burned to the DVD) is produced??

    any suggestions on this conversion or a different program (NERO?) to use??

    thanks etodmrzl

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      Not really sure about this app you are using here

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Convert MP4 video to DVD??

      And you would most likely be better asking this as a Question rather than placing it on the Discussion Forums as the people who haunt the Questions Forums will most likely know a lot more about this than me but

      I have used DVD Shrink in the past which is capable of converting Hard Drive Files of various formats to DVD without any problems.

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      One problem you may have

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Convert MP4 video to DVD??

      is that the 3.3 GiB file may be too large to fit on a DVD once converted. Are you seeing any messages, or checking the log file?

      Are you sure the original file is not corrupted?

      Do you even need to convert it? Many DVD players will play these formats.

      Nero, from what I understand, should do it. If it can’t, install the FFDshow codecs and try again. Xilisoft DVD Creator is another popular app which does conversions.

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      DVD size

      by etodmrz ·

      In reply to Convert MP4 video to DVD??

      wasn’t exactly sure where to post.

      Seanferd, not sure about the size when converted will check though thanks.

      Hal 9000 will look ito dvd shrink, also ConvertXtoDVD was recommended.

      thanks for input

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