Convert RAW to NTFS in Windows XP?

By SOCKO911 ·
After power supply failure, replaced HD and moved "damaged" HD to slave position. Disk Management shows it "Healthy, Active and Online". Master HD shows file system "NTFS", Slave shows nothing under "file system". "Local Disk Properties" show "File System: RAW". How can I convert primary partition in slave drive to NTFS without formatting, as all my original data is in that partition? Thank you in advance!

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i know how to fix

by gomax1990 In reply to Convert RAW to NTFS in Wi ...

i use widnow 7 same problem i have.one of my drive convert ntfs to raw . successfuly i change it .....restart ur pc and after rebooting right click on computer on start menu and hit manage for example 20 gb is raw ..see on there were on partition any partition have 10 mb if yes format its than format 20 gb raw u see it convert into 20 gb ntfs

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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to i know how to fix

too bad you're only three years plus too late

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