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    converting a .dat file to a .exe file


    by namirkhanbabi ·

    i received a setup.exe file for a particular application by e-mail. the message was sent through aol and received by demon internet. when received the setup.exe file had a .dat extension added to it and now windows can not create a file association.i badly need to use this software and can not find any way of installing the software whilst it is a .dat file. i desperately want to now how to make this file a .exe file again to install the software. help!

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      converting a .dat file to a .exe file

      by thechas ·

      In reply to converting a .dat file to a .exe file

      Assuming that all that was done was a change in the file extension, here is what to do.

      Save the file from the e-mail to your hard drive.

      Open Windows Explorer.

      Browse to the file.

      Right click on the file.
      Select rename.
      Remove the .dat extension.
      Click ok.

      The file should now be setup.exe and the icon should match that of other executable files.


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      converting a .dat file to a .exe file

      by infopoint ·

      In reply to converting a .dat file to a .exe file

      try using Quikview to “open” the file. if you can without getting error messages and the top line in the viewer window says WINDOWS EXECUTABLE then you know you can simply rename the .dat extension to .exe

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