Converting analogue to digital video

By Mike P-J ·
I am capturing analogue video with Cyberlink Power Director. The capture shows many frmaes dleted and so the result is very jerky. The programme is 'dropping frames' at over 1000 in less than a minute. I am using an external 1 terrabyte disc to save to. I have updated my NVIDIA GeForce 8300GS driver and am using Wndows XP SP3 version 8.0. The original analogue picture is fine. What is going wrong?

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Most likely if you are using a USB Capture Device

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Converting analogue to di ...

Is that the External Drive connected via USB is overloading the USB Bus.

I save a few VHS to HDD using this process and have yet to have any major Frame Losses or crappy output of the saved files.


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How are actually capturing the video feed ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Converting analogue to di ...

Power Director (unless I've got the wrong idea again) is only Software for video editing, and a GeForce 8300GS is only a graphics card with no means of video input, only output.

So how are you capturing the analogue video feed? I'd be using my Tuner Card but you haven't mentioned what you are using.

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Think it's TV signal capture

by CG IT In reply to How are actually capturin ...

he's talking about.

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I've got software that'll save direct to DVD ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Think it's TV signal capt ...

As an option. It can also capture analogue and save to HDD, but if the signal is strong and the full extent doesn't overfill a DVD, you'll get a far better result saving to an internal DVD drive than an external USB HDD.

It's the USB throughput limit that's causing these problems - and perhaps the quality of the external HDD itself.

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Also what cables he's using from the TV

by CG IT In reply to I've got software that'll ...

RCA/Coax/Svideo/blah also play a role in video quality in the conversion.

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There are also a whole bunch of USB Adapters

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Also what cables he's usi ...

That allow you to plug in whatever Source you want to and capture through Power Director to a HDD.

I've just been doing this the past week or so but with a Internal Video Capture Card and using Power Director . But most people go for the cheap Option that is a USB Device with a Plug In Connector that either accepts RCA or S Video. Well at least all of the ones that I've seen so far do it that way though I'm certainly no expert on this type of thing.

But feeding through a USB Device to a External USB HDD is a recipe for problems as you tend to use most of the available Bandwidth of the USB Ports as well as almost 100% of the CPU's Processing Power just to capture the Video let alone send it back through the USB Bus to an External HDD.

Anyway Power Director is a 2 Step Process you first Capture the Video and then convert it to the format that you want and burn to Optical Media or whatever.

Personally I don't think that Power Director is so great but it seems that a lot of people are using it as it comes with most of these Devices even the PCI Aver Media Video Capture Card that I recently purchased. I only had to grab a Video Capture Card because the TV Card in the computer couldn't see the VHS that I plugged into it.


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