converting cablem modem to dsl???

By gadagraju ·
I have a cable modem. But i want to make it dsl modem, because i get dsl cable. I won't get a cable connection instead i get a dsl cable.
So how can i change it to dsl modem??

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You can't

by jimmy-jam In reply to converting cablem modem t ...

You need to get a DSL modem.

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They are two types of the same thing

by Neon Samurai In reply to converting cablem modem t ...

DSL is a digital phone line which basically means it can carry a whole lot more data than the old analog phone systems. For the consmer, it is highspeed internet over there telephone line.

Cable is digital signal over your cable TV provider's lines which are seporate from your telephone lines. Highspeed internet again but through that thick coax that normally goes into your TV.

The two cables are completely different as is they way they connect you to your phone/cable provider. DSL uses a modem at both ends and paired to some degree. Cable uses a big modem at the ISP for multiple user cable modems on that particular TV Cable loop of houses.

Jim had the short answer for you; you can't. I thought it might be worth giving some technical details as to why for the long answer.

You'd have to chane providers from your existing Cable internet to a DSL internet service along with swapping the modem box at your end. If your provider offers both DSL and Cable then you just need to switch the service with them, and the modem boxes.

My question is; why do you want to change from cable to DSL?

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why do you want to change from cable to DSL?

by gadagraju In reply to They are two types of the ...

Our provider does not provide with cable. Its gonna be through phone. So modem only has cable inserting port. Where in i want to insert through phone. I have cable modem, and can't afford to buy a dsl modem

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DSL Provider

by jnhager In reply to why do you want to change ...

You will have to switch to a DSL ISP Provider in order to get DSL. Sometimes they have a deal were you get the DSL Modem for free. Most of the time they just rent the DSL Modem to you monthly.

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by Neon Samurai In reply to why do you want to change ...

To look at it another way, you have a Roberson screwdriver (square?) and you want to use it with Phillips headed screwes (cross?). You have to either stick with your bag of Roberson screws and the matching screw driver or you have to buy a Phillips screwdriver to go with the bag of Phillips screws.

I don't think converting the Cable/ethernet modem to a DSL/ethernet modem could even be managed by a hardware hacker; I'd be interested to see how far they got with it though.

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Hardware Hack

by TheChas In reply to Screwdrivers..

A hardware hack to convert between cable and DSL can be performed.

The problem is that the cost of the hack would exceed the cost of a DSL modem. So, why bother.

The only parts that would be salvaged from the cable modem would be the router and power supply circuits. The analog front end and at least the first level digital processing would need to be replaced.


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McGuiver could do it with two inches of thread and a yogurt cut.

by Neon Samurai In reply to Hardware Hack

But beyond that, I can see how any self built conversion would be more cost in components than just buying the new mass production unit.

Still, McGuiver wouldn't even ruffle that mullet.

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Duct tape... You forgot duct tape. <NT>

by jimmy-jam In reply to McGuiver could do it with ...
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Don't You Dare! Don't you ever take the name of Ducktape in vain!!

by Neon Samurai In reply to Duct tape... You forgot d ...

Duct Tape is for the the hard problems not something as simple as converting a Cable modulator/demodulator into a DSL modulator/demodulator!

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RE: I have cable modem, and can't afford to buy a dsl modem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why do you want to change ...

Well in that case you can not afford to have an Internet connection as there is no way to convert a Cable Modem to DSL.

Even if you where to hack the unit and bog something together it would not have any Telco Approval so if it did any damage to the Telco's Equipment you would be libel for the damage and this tends to be measured in the Millions of $ not a few bob.


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