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Converting From many subnets to few

By mikeseaton ·
I work at a college that presently has 30 subnets for a campus of only 1200 machines. The old admin tech belives every building should be a seperate subnet and vlan (which he placed acl's on each) even though it is all student and faculity that needaccess to all. I was thinking that one large subnet or only two subnets and have open access. Does anyone have experience in this?

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Need More info

by road-dog In reply to Converting From many subn ...

relating to client / server architecture, security requirements / existing subnet layout.

A big, flat network is an option, but the inter-VLAN routing provides an opportunity to put rudimentary security in place. This should not be discarded without due consideration. I have designed and built several campus networks for community colleges and would NEVER leave everything wide open.

I suggest leaving a faculty VLAN in place and assigning MAC security on switch ports for faculty members.

As for students, put in whatever permissions in place that suit your IT plans. I would recommend putting IT lab and open use library computers under tighter security profiles, because if a student intends to do damage, they will use those commonuse machines to hide their activities.

Set up your network equipment management IP ports on a "management" VLAN. (I like to use VLAN **1).

I hope this helps.

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Road-dog On Target

by Mike Mullins In reply to Need More info

I agree with the dog. Perhaps 30 VLANS is overkill and a management nightmare, but there definitely needs to be a segregation of trusted and non-trusted traffic with tighter security.

Faculty should probably be divided into different VLANS by department. Students lump them into a VLAN and open machines get a separate VLAN. Problems will arise from the student and open machines network and you can shut them down without effecting faculty (you can also rate limit their traffic).

Good Luck,0bytes

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