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Converting from Novell to Microsoft

By tkyser ·
The good news is that I just accepted a position as IT Director of a small business that runs Microsoft Server 2003. The bad news is that I'm a Novell CNE, and while I have lots of experience with NewWare, I have none with Win 2K3 and AD.

Can anyone please help me find the quickest way to learn the Microsoft environment? (Especially the difference between AD and NDS - and group policies).

What books and/or other resources can you recommend?

Thank you,

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Crash course

by mrafrohead In reply to Converting from Novell to ...

Man, with the boat that you're in, I'd probably try one of those two week crash courses...

They basically cram you with everything REALLY quicklike so you can "pass" you test. But it might be broad enough to at least cover the basics for you...

Good luck, with whatever it is you choose...

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That's pretty funny

by Oz_Media In reply to Crash course

You are giving a former CNE advice on learning Win2003 and your advice is to take a 'crash course', good idea and he better get used to it.

I am an MCNE and know exactly what kind of a nightmare thatis, my hats off to anyone brave enough to increase what they thought an IT workload is.

MY recommendation, 1st move, show the boss on paper exactly how much better off the company could be with Novell mixed in if not taken over. How much safer and secure the network and data is, how much cheaper it is especially on an ongoing basis, how many hours of time would be saved etc.

Then if the boss stil didn't get it, I'd play it out until finding a new Netware gig.

But if not, in addition to taking a 'crash course' you should take a 'security course' and 'data recovery'course. You'll need to be a trauma surgeon in comparisson to your Netwrae environment.

Congrats on the new job, sorry to hear about the new network.

As IT director, do your job, direct them to finding a better solution with Novell SBS, it trumps MS SBS by light years and it's an easy case to make. Just the licencing options of the SBS walks all over MS.

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