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By mackay ·
I'm taking the A+ certification and while studing I came across how to converting Hexadecimal to decimal,and converting decimal to binary.I need to know how to convert these numbers. Example A012F how do you convert to decimal....The A+ cert. Test ask and I read the chapter 5 times and still don't get it..There has to be an easier way can you help me.........

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It has been a while so ....

by Vanderlay In reply to CONVERTING HEXADECIMALS

I haven't done this in years but it is kinda like riding a bike.

Remember that each position from Right to Left represents a power of 16. I will represent the power below with parenthesis.

For the number you gave we have the following:

16(4) 16(3) 16(2) 16(1) 16(0)

If we calculate these out we have the following values:

65,535 4096 256 16 1

We then take the value stored in each position with the value of the power of 16 and add them all up.

(A *65,536) + (0 * 4096) + (1 * 256) + (2 * 16) + (F * 1)

Don't forget that A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, and F=15

Multiplying out and then adding we get:
655,360 + 0 + 256 + 32 + 15 = 655,663

Which is the answer.

If you are ever on a UNIX machine you can execute the bc command to help in the conversion. After typing bc you then type :

This tells the program that your input mode is base 16 and your output will be in decimal. Type any hex number and you get the decimal equivalent! And as always you enter CNTRL-D to exit the program.

Hope that helps!


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by elmerlittlefield In reply to CONVERTING HEXADECIMALS

mackey you can use the scientific calculator to convert hex to binary. From what I know you can use this calculator durring your exam for the A+ cert. I am presently taking a computer arc. course at ITT Tech and that is what our instructor told uslast night.

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by studmuffin In reply to CONVERTING HEXADECIMALS

actually all you have to remember is that hexadecimal is a system that goes in multiples of 16.
Let's start with your example...A comes after 9 in the couting sytem, and is equivalent to 10. Here's a URL that might help you a bit:
Let's start with the right most number and work our way to the left.

So the sum should work out to 655,360+0+256+32+15=655,663 if I calculated this correctly. Remember, each place is a multiple of 16, that's why I multiplied by an additional factor of 16 for each place I got to the left of the rightmost digit. I hope this helps a bit.

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Converting Decimal to Hex or binary

by clslate In reply to CONVERTING HEXADECIMALS

I am not very mathmatically oriented, so these examples here really helped me - thanks.

Now, if I wanted to reverse the process and convert decimal to hex how woud I do it? I've got an Excel spreadsheet that I've set up to do conversions usingthe Analysis ToolPak addin so I can use the Dec2Hex formulas, but I really would like to understand the processes at some point. Same for binary conversions

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