Converting PDF to Word document.

By jardinier ·
Is there some way of saving a PDF file as a Word document without installing special software?

I am somewhat mystified because in one recent instance I was able to "Select All" and copy the PDF file into a Word document, but on the next occasion I was unable to highlight the text in the PDF file.

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All PDF's are not created equal

by jdmercha In reply to Converting PDF to Word do ...

Different versions of Acrobat can do different things with PDF files. If you want to go PDF to Word then the best bet is to print it, then scan it and convert it with OCR software.

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I've done that in the past by selecting all and copying the text

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Converting PDF to Word do ...

then pasting that into a new document file.

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Depends here who created the PDFile

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Converting PDF to Word do ...

If it is a Secure Document it is quite possible that you are unable to Copy the Text of the Document and then paste it into a Word Document.

But instead of using the Mouse and right clicking and highlighting the entire text try opening the PDF Document and with it being the Active Window press the CTRL and A Keys. If it is possible to select the text to copy & Paste that will select the entire text of the PDF Document.


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Reponse To Answer

by rogerrr88 In reply to Depends here who created ...

sometimes workable

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2006 ? eom

by Jacky Howe In reply to Converting PDF to Word do ...

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