Converting PowerPoint 2007 to PowerPoint 2003

By ashleygoh ·
Hi there, I have converted my ppt files from version 2007 to 97-2003. But the end users on the receiving end (using ver 97-2003), cannot edit those data charts (especially the SmartObjects) and the format of those charts will go haywire.

Can someone please kindly advise on what approach I could use? One of the options that I thought of is to recreate all the slides in ppt 97-2003 version, instead of using ppt 2007. But this will take a lot of time.

I have also search for microsoft help and obviously they don't have a solution to the formatting problem.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Million thanks in advance.

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Yep you are correct it's going to take a lot of time to

by OH Smeg In reply to Converting PowerPoint 200 ...

Recreate these in a compatible version of Power Point. Why you ever moved away from what works to something new with known Compatibility Problems is beyond me but now it looks as if you get to pay the price for being on the Bleeding Edge of the Industry and redo all your work all over again with the proper software.

Learn from this cheap lesson Do Not dump what works for something just because it's newer. Most times it doesn't work right and makes you redo all your work all over again. It's much easier to stick with the Old and let those using the new live with the problems that come with always needing to use the New stuff just because it is new and no other reason.

You have just discovered why Business isn't rolling out M$ Office 2007 and will not be for a very long time to come. And this isn't even the Big problem with Office 2007.


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It's not that compatible afterall...

by ashleygoh In reply to Yep you are correct it's ...

Thanks OH Smeg,I think there's no permanent fix in this situation, but I am still trying hard to find out why, and the best alternative to resolve this.

I agree with you that ppt2007 is easy-to-use software, but Microsoft may not have realized that there are a lot of people out there still using ppt97 to 2003. It's just not possible everyone upgrades to a newer version every time they have a big bang. Well, i guess the solution is still trying to find a fix out of it. Maybe this is more feasible.

Thanks for your kind help and time, OH Smeg and i appreciate it.

Million thanks.

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