Converting scientific atlanta wired modem to a wireless modem

By r_a_c_a_4_u ·

I have a wired scientific atlanta modem and wanted to convert it into a wireless modem. Is there a way to do that ?

Thanks in advance

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by TobiF In reply to Converting scientific atl ...

In the same way that you can't put a SIM card into a rotary dial phone to make it handle mobile telephony, a modem for fixed line has not a single clue about mobile communication.

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And you cannot bolt wings onto a car and make it fly

by robo_dev In reply to No

although that's been tried.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Converting scientific atl ...

But it would be quite a bit more expensive to attempt to convert by adding a WiFi Device than to just replace it with what you require.

Failing that you can connect a WiFi Access Point directly downline of the Modem to get the same effect.


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Oh yea. Wireless can be two-way

by TobiF In reply to Possibly

To me a wireless modem is a modem for mobile access to internet (GSM, 3G etc.)
An ADSL modem with wireless router is a different thing.
(And for that, I prefer to have two boxes, one adsl modem and a separate wireless router.)

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