Converting to DVD

By BorgInva ·
I need some personal experience with some of the FREE DVD converters out there. Two part question.

Some have said to try one of these:

Has anyone used these, or prefer something else you find easier to use?

I have countless, but of course, very well organized, videos I made in many formats: MOV, AVI, MPEG. Each camera gives me something different.

Now I am going to be going on a long, long trip soon. Long trip.

I need to find out which one of these programs, or something else (still in the FREE range), convert movies to be playable on a standard DVD player. The quality, hopefully, will be just as good as on the PC, with the exception of the size difference affecting the quality. Oh ya, FREE as is completely FREE. No trial versions that do watermarks, or only let me do 5 out of 10365 videos.

Part 2
I am sure I asked this before, but forgot the answers and can not find the original posting. Another thing I need to do (not sure if one of the programs mentioned to me above will working, or something else can, is make slide shows that consist of not only clips from my movies, but of pictures as well. Along with that, the ability to make a basic menu at the beginning (like an actual DVD), and possibly be able to add music and text where suited. Of course, must then be converted to be playable on a DVD.

Please, pass on any suggestions of what you use yourself to do these things, and more, with your own projects.

I like to do this as my laptop only has so much space, and I got some DVDs I like to make for some (that is right, not all deserve copies) of the family. I plan to make at least a dozen per family. I do have a few weeks before leaving.

I swear, if the airport fries my new laptop, I will make a scene (not be the first time they make me made).

Thanks for any info you have. Sorry if you seen me post some of this before. I forget what was said.

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Try power iso

by Jesus_C In reply to Converting to DVD
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Make a mov-e

by web.accs In reply to Converting to DVD

Try searching for 'Free +DvD Authoring Software'

Here's a link that gives you a list of easy to use free software links +details on how to do it.....

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by BALTHOR In reply to Converting to DVD

My experience is that your 50mb video file will end up being 250mb on the DVD.It will probably look fuzzy.The software program automatically resizes everything.What you could do is just copy the files to a CD/DVD or memory stick without any conversion.At your destination they could be played back on another computer.Otherwise try ULead.I assemble my clips in editing.They play back,non stop,one clip after another.(test it out when you are done)

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