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Converting to Linux

By Josha ·
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by Josha In reply to Converting to Linux

<p><strong>The history of it all. <br />first off I must state that I am very busy and tasked to the hilt. I run ... am the information systems devision for my company. I handle forms of communication, security, graphic design and print related marketing tasks for a company if 200+ employees. there are 45 computer users on average. So far this company in a year has a 60%turn over rate. and a growth rate of about 2-5x per year. the server conversion while not the least on my list, seams to fall to the back every time some minor fire comes up. In my spare time I also assist with non technical areas of the company.  </strong></p>
<p><strong>The reason for it all.<br />TCO - Mainly the reason. We found that by maintaining a mixed network of both windows and Linux that we would be able to cut operating and and expansion costs by nearly 40%. this is accomplished by negating licensing expenses and upgrade path expenses as well as some stability issues and update issues, and security and control. </strong></p>
<p><strong>These 45 users are spread out over 5 soon to be 8 branches and growing. At an average of 4 laptops per year and 5-8 desktops per year increasing exponentially.  Most of our small networks run on work groups with one main computer sharing the printers and the centralized files. We also have a mix of software apps like those for accounting that run only on windows,  hence the mix. </strong></p>
<p><strong>More info: <br />We are also moving from one server running Ad and everything else, including web and e-mail to a multiple server system. we will have one small server for Internet and firewall another for accounting data also behind it's own firewall, and another for web and e-mail and another for centralized file system for all branch offices. Each office will also receive a firewall machine that will aid in establishing  a vpn utilizing WAN all databases will be served centrally, there by eliminating unnecessary redundancy. Also I am the first "admin" this company has ever had, before me it was a split position with some one who kinda knew how to install software and they called out sourced help for networking issues. </strong></p>
<p><strong>More later .... </strong></p>

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by korgmeister In reply to History

<p>i think it is still possible to cut down more cost by using open-source, however.. the windows is still necessary for the productivity option. (accounting, administrative, clerical work) and the rest should be converted to open-source (Only if you have expertise) otherwise it would be real pain in the *** if you dont have any linux expertise around. about the firewall and security issues, use FreeBSD for the firewall option, because it is the best firewall available. for your information, there is no need firewall actually if you have expertise and know how to edit the iptables </p>
<p>if you have cisco router, make sure is it patched from recent exploit, this is seriously urgent patch, as it may result disaster for your company. maybe you should also consider upgrade your network to gigabit lan if you are still using 100mbps ethernet.talking about the productivity of windows, you should also maintain it at least once a week. if you know what i am talking about you should know what are the things you need to maintain on silly windows platform. :) it is essential to increase the productivity of your company .. </p>
<p> </p>
<p>LOL.. why i have to tell you this? </p>

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by Josha In reply to History

<p>Well this blog may be a scratch. I think we will still use the Linux based firewall/gateway in each office but we had recent demand for a unified scheduling software that is server based (M$ projects) I'm not sure of the alternatives, but using one large server for our server based applications and authentication, we are loosing some of our open source ability again. It is starting to look like a growing construction company is stuck with MS for 98% of it's tasks. I will open source where I can, but it has just been one brick wall after another. I have perhaps 6 application for Linux in the organization. They are all incidental services. I have even attempted to switch our desk top application to Open source ( but in test runs we have hit issues with the conversion from M$ to OO All of our documentation in the past has been word and excel. We are moving to a database driven system but time is not there yet and the man power for conversion is limited. Once we are to a database driven system we can move to open source, or develop our database system in open source, but that's only one system for now. We're still paying for M$ $ 2003 for the server driven applications that require it. So this BLOG may soon be better designed as a conversion to an integrated system. I'll update more later, but I would like to know what the community thinks about this. </p>

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